10 Fries Across The USA

Perhaps they have French in their title, but chips are genuinely an all-American cure, says Glenn Walker, who runs the site frenchfrydiary.com. Thomas Jefferson, he notes, served them at the White House and was an early enthusiast. “They are sweet or salty and crunchy. It is the dish that goes with everything,” he states. Now fries are taking on new airs, showing on the fanciest menus, served with oil, and fried in duck fat. A few favorites are shared by him .

The Swinery

Blend vegetable oil. This butcher shop and restaurant cooks its Swine Fries in crab fat, and then seasons them with salt. Or attempt Danger Fries with blue cheese bacon and cheese bechamel sauce. “It is kind of awesome,” Walker says. It serves poutine, the Canadian fried potato dish topped with gravy and cheese curds. swinerymeats.com

The Pomme Frites of Poynor

Pigeon Forge, Tenn..
This little restaurant in The Isle in Pigeon Forge, a dining, shopping and entertainment center, does them proud, serving them on rolls though the Smoky Mountains might seem a strange place to locate fries. The chips, which come in a traditional paper cone, can come with a selection of sauces, including almost a dozen different types of mayonnaise. facebook.com/poynorspommesfrites

Boise Fry Company

Customers get to customize their chips at this mini chain, picking the type of curry (ranging from sweet to russet to purple) and the cut (such as curly, homestyle and shoestring). There’s also a selection of toppings and sauces.     “It is a fry lover’s dream. You’re picking everything you would like done for this curry.” Areas in Idaho and Portland, Ore. boisefrycompany.com

British Chip Shop

Haddonfield, N.J.
The British know their way round a potato, as well as the chips are true for their British roots. “It has a fantastic crisp exterior and soft inside. You can tell them’re cutting on there. They’re not very even, which is the sign of a good place,” Walker says. thebritishchipshop.com

Gene and Jude’s

River Grove, Ill..
What is better than a Chicago hot dog? About one covered with chips? This place has existed since 1946 while there has been a trend of packaging sandwiches with chips, Walker says. The Depression Dog starts with a Vienna Beef frank, topped with mustard, onions, onions — and fries. geneandjudes.com

Runyon’s & Caspar’s Nook

St. Paul, Minn..
This combination burger joint/bowling alley takes care using just Idaho potatoes, that are lower in moisture. The spuds are soaked with vinegar and water, which pre-blanches them. “They are extra crunchy and (come with) a lot of different seasonings and dips,” Walker says. crnook.com

Holeman & Finch Public House

This gastropub is famous because of its 10 burger, a that delivers on a bun. Only during the night and once functioned in limited quantities, it’s currently on the menu. But Walker says the fries have been forgotten in all the hype. They alone are worth the trip. “They are fantastically, perfectly cut,” he says. “Rockin’ fries!” holeman-finch. com

Jasper’s Corner Tap

San Francisco
Fry lovers curry ketchup and might be paralyzed by their alternatives , with offerings such as duck tater tots that are fat-fried served with parmesan cheese. “There’s a major difference between homemade tater tots and store-bought. It’s just amazing,” Walker says. Other options include thick and shoestring-cut steak fries. jasperscornertap.com

Cookes of All Dublin/Raglan Road

Lake Buena Vista, Fla..
It’s not necessary to cross the ocean to find traditional Irish chips. Those served in the Disney Springs shopping, dining and entertainment area at this combination takeout/sit-down restaurant blow away Walker. He states that the chips have been both crispy and thick. “They’re like little potato steaks. You would like a fry you’re able to have a few bites out of, instead of simply pop in your mouth” raglanroad.com

Chickie’s & Pete’s

The crinkle-cut Crab Fries are unbeatable, says Walker. The dish comes topped with Old Bay and is served with a creamy white cheese sauce. “They get them right every time. They’re a Philadelphia legend like the cheesesteak and the soft pretzel.” chickiesandpetes.com

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