5 Discoveries Of The Week

A new angle about the Bermuda Triangle and a surprise “fairy circle” were One of the week’s discoveries Creating headlines :

‘One of nature’s greatest mysteries’ seems in Australia: The fairy circles of Namibia (grassless circles in an honeycomb pattern) were regarded as just in Namibia — until they also turned up thousands of miles apart in Australia. The far-away discovery adds weight to a single theory about how the circles come to be.

Hidden rooms found in the tomb of King Tut: Nearly 100 years after the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, it might be giving up a secret: Radar scans of his burial room have shown two rooms that were hidden. And they indicate the Queen Nefertiti will reveal some secrets of her own.

Hiker finds coin that is historical : Laurie Rimon was drifting in the area of Israel when she spotted a glint of gold. It was an extremely rare coin and it may shed light on the army presence of Rome there in the moment. The coin has some iconography.

Prime numbers got a bit stranger : Two Stanford mathematicians have managed to surprise others within their own area with a previously undiscovered insight about prime numbers. One prof not involved with the work sums it up this way: “It’s crazy.”

Bermuda Triangle mystery cracked? Researchers spotted craters seemingly generated by methane buildups off the coast of Norway, and believe gas blowouts could clarify the weirdness. Unless, of course, the very term “Bermuda Triangle” is really a misnomer.

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