Eliminate Bees After Swarm Hits Upper Deck

As the Royals and Indians were set to close their show in Kansas City, stadium staffers rushed to the deck as a bee swarm settled at the level’s first row to make a hive. This was the scene in Kansas City.


Too many bees.

A member of the Royals’ grounds crew, Jeff Diekmann, is also. Diekmann arrived to eliminate the bees and he did not even need a beekeeper’s suit. He’s that intense.


The removal is crucial because a bee delay throughout an 2016 spring training game against the Rockies led to an exterminator spraying the 27, to emphasize. Royals manager Ned Yost was not pleased. He explained at the time:

“To only arbitrarily kill a lot of bees makes zero sense. I’m not like this with a great deal of stuff. But I’m a conservationist. Conservation is loved by me. I love the aspect of wildlife I love that stuff. But there is things that you have to do.”

Yost will be happier with how the situation was managed this time around by the Royals.

(h/t The Kansas City Star)