Made Minneapolis’ Signature Tastes

Minneapolis restaurants and chefs often pile up James Beard Foundation Awards the manner snow piles up with 13 JBF celebrity finalists at 2017. That’s one reason why Minneapolis is a popular destination for most foodies every time of year.

One of the best things about the Minneapolis food scene is that so many exciting restaurants are taking root in the city’s neighborhoods.   Flavor the various cultures they represent and these creative, casual eateries make ideal points to meet with its people.  

Minneapolis traces its food roots back to the Native Americans of the region. For instance, you will come across wild rice (manoomin in Ojibwe) in restaurant and home kitchens throughout Minnesota.   Every new wave of immigrants and settlers has included their own flavors from Scandinavians to Somalis, to town.

The metro area offers a fusion of foods by the Andes, a butcher store for vegetarians and vegans, Nordic, Chinese, and also fine fare from famous chef Gavin Kaysen today. In the signature Jucy Lucy hamburgers to ice cream sandwiches made with doughnuts of the city, the food landscape is diverse and evolving.

To get a taste of Minneapolis, take the whirlwind tour of just some of the city’s countless eateries, from the latest to your classic favorites, in the photo gallery above.   Along with eateries, do not miss seeing with one of the many farmers markets.   While they’re busiest in warm months, many feature specific winter hours on weekends.