Sedona, Ariz., Surprises With Destination Dining

Sedona, Ariz. is an incredibly improbable culinary destination. A drive from the Grand Canyon’s unremarkable cafeterias and just more than a off-road road excursion in the buffets of Las Vegas, Sedona is a vacation town worth dining in. Lacking a Zagat guide, falling far from Michelin’s starry extent and nearly absent from the federal — not to mention international —  networking buzz and accolades (though one Sedona chef, Elote Café’s Jeff Smedstad made a 2017 James Beard Award nomination), Sedona, with its mere inhabitants of more than 10,000 residents, may not seem like a candidate for a food escape. The desert city provides a elegant, completely unpretentious, eclectic and crave-worthy culinary landscape owing to its signature gargantuan reddish rocks.

“Literally, there wasn’t a dining scene 20 years back,” states Lisa Dahl, the chef and proprietor of four favorite Sedona, Ariz., restaurants. “No one would visit Sedona however it’s quite gratifying. What wasn’t a dining scene has changed into a robust community of nearly 200 restaurants. ”

Sedona, in many ways, is the perfect place to venture for food lovers — unlike a beach destination or lake escape where sedentary days are divided by dinner reservations, time at Sedona is best spent being active outdoors, whether that’s hiking, biking, rock climbing, enjoying a round of tennis or golf, or  running through town. Working up an appetite is an intrinsic part of seeing Sedona, for outdoors buffs and food-focused travelers alike.

“That which rsquo, I &was a restaurant, a dining area, not only,” Dahl claims of her restaurants’ ongoing legacy. “[I] put dining. ”

In Sedona, Ariz., restaurants range from the upscale, white-tableclothed Dahl & Di Luca, an Italian restaurant which Dahl launched in 1995, into some cafeteria-style handmade tamale place, where stopping from in hiking clothes to fuel up for a different rise is greater than acceptable. Dahl says that this diversity of  worthwhile places to eat is due to the “fresh Sedona” — an almost unrecognizably thriving culinary destination in the New Age, bohemian town she transferred to more than two decades back, when it had been hard to even secure a fresh tomato. When they visit a place, travelers and travelers who are getting more well traveled and well versed in cuisine expect a range of choices.

And though Dahl quotes that the majority of individuals don’t visit Sedona only for a culinary excursion, they leave impressed by the foods and overall dining experience, frequently returning to her restaurants on a repeat trip. “A culture of dining has caught us up, we have clientele beyond view,&rdquo. “it can be difficult to remember faces, but it touches my heart when repeat clients [tell me] they won’t miss a visit to Sedona, and arriving to my own restaurant. ”

Browse the photos above to get a sample of Sedona’s local taste, and see more from Arizona below.