This Honeycomb Seating Design Sucks At The Final Sweetness From Air Travel

Some plane seats that is proposed designs make our hearts skip a beat — that springs to mind — and others just make us wonder just why the airline chair designers hate us so much. This honeycomb pattern called Economy Class Cabin Hexagon, for instance, actually manages to make the seat worse by eliminating the seat that was traditional in favor of a backward-facing staggered design than it is.

This proposed design (up for a patent) implies that the passengers currently sit facing the rear, with two passengers on each side. That means you can’t just pop on these Beats headphones and stone in peace with your eyes forward, especially trying to not engage a few inches away on either side. You will have eye contact with both passengers.

On the advantage side , it will be more difficult for your at your laptop screen while you’re currently working. For groups traveling in packs of threes, this could be a enjoyable design for a chatty flight. Additionally, families traveling with one one would delight in the capability to remain connected more directly without having to turn their heads. In all fairness shoulder space is the reason for the layout, as stated in the submitting:

[The seats] are arranged adjacent to one another so that a shoulder space on one side of [the chair] overlaps with adjoining shoulder space [of the other chair].

The truly odd thing is that it is unclear how passengers are supposed to get out the chairs. You would have to climb on the seat-back and cushion in a way that the contortions would lead to permanent disfigurement. Or something equally horrific. Let’s just hope since the practicalities for modern air travel just aren’t there — this patent is a fast salvo from asserting the pattern to protect against another firm.